Jr. Strategist / UX Researcher

Hello! I’m Karly, a Brand Strategist & Researcher.

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My Foundation:

Design Thinking

I received my B.F.A. in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in the spring of 2017. My formal education taught me to practice and value design thinking as a way to approach all areas of my professional career. As a strategist and researcher, I bring empathy and human-centric methodologies to each and every project I touch.


The latest and greatest

As my experiences and skills grow, so does my resume.


My Passions:

Research & Strategy

Currently, you can find me researching and strategizing at Simon/Myers’ Chicago office! I collaborate with a team of strategists and researchers and work across our various departments to deliver work that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

I am proficient in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, and I’m always prepared for a strategic brainstorming session with both team members and clients.

Want to know more about what I do as a Researcher and Strategist?



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Newest Skill set:

Social Media Management

I consider myself a lifelong learner, and I push myself to learn something new every week. Outside of research and strategy, I have been fine-tuning my skills as a social media manager. This role includes creating a social strategy, community management, calendar creation, copywriting, post planning, budgeting, and more. Although I’ve had the privilege of working with clients to build their pages, my work at Simon/Myers has been one of my favorite accomplishments. Along with another Strategist & Researcher at Simon/Myers, we created a social strategy for Simon/Myer’s four social platforms. We actively co-manage them.