Begin.Her is first-period kit designed for young woman. The goal of this project was to address the stigma surrounding menstruation and to create a product that would encourage confidence and healthy conversations about periods. This was a team project consisting of three, industrial design students named Sarah Spalding, Kristine Bilotas, and Catherine Hajduk. 

We chose the name Begin.Her because we felt it embodied the message we are trying to portray: that menstruation is the beginning of her womanhood. We want it to be a celebrated time of her life. 

The kit can be purchased by the young woman, relative, or friend, etc. online and can be refilled. It is made with a hard card stock and comes with 2 cycles worth of pads, tampons, a travel case, and an instructional pamphlet. 

When speaking to women of all ages, we realized there was a lack of communication and education surrounding periods. Thus, I created a new set of graphics to go along with a pamphlet that would make the information friendlier and more accessible. Inspired by graphic designer Malika Favre, I used a pop-art style to make the graphics less intimidating.

The icons below were generated for the instructions shown above