Little Beat is a wearable technology project that was completed in the spring of 2016. The goal of this project was to create a wearable, and I chose to design for expecting mothers who want to monitor their baby. I particularly wanted to target high risk pregnancies and women who need to monitor their baby's heartbeat.

Little Beat is a baby heart monitor. Its bottom layer of silicone is lined with sensors that detect the baby's heartbeat and the blue strip light replicates the beat (scroll down to see demonstration). 

The material choice for Little Beat is silicone which is soft, flexible, and can be easily sterilized. I chose to add a curvature to mimic the natural curvature of a pregnant woman's stomach. 

Here are engineering drawings of my final rendering. The bottom layer measures at .20 inches in thickness, the strap is .25 inches in thickness, the width of the base is 3 inches, the length of the base is 4 inches, and the overall height is 2.45 inches tall. 

When the sensors detect a heartbeat, the light will replicate the beats. The overall experience of using Little Beat should be intimate and allow the mother to connect to her unborn baby. 

Little Beats can also be used by other people curious as to how the baby is doing. The flashing light is interactive and gives a pleasant visual stimulus.